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Postnatal support to help balance new mothers

Welcome to Mothers in Arms placenta encapsulation.

We provide the very best care for mothers after birth. A placenta is what provides your little bundle of joy with nutrients, oxygen, disposal of waste and supports life. Every mother needs nutrients after birth and those first few weeks of postpartum.

I strive to provide a service above no other.

With pick up and deliver within the Sunshine coast.




Mothers in arms has relocated from North Qld Mackay to the Sunshine coast. Transforming over 350+ placentas into capsules to potentially help mothers during the fourth trimester.



Mothers in Arms is a Sunshine coast based business. My name is Lyticia, I am a mother of 3 children ( 4 year old boy, 3 year old girl and a 1 year old girl). 

Motherhood has been an experience, one of the biggest challenge I have had to face to date.

Encapsulation personally helped me with faster recovery, reduced postpartum bleeding, milk supply and energy to be able to keep up with all 3 children.

Mothers in Arms was created with love and passion for prenatal, birth and postnatal. Oxytocin is what has driven my love for this path I have taken.

I look forward to meeting all my clients, taking care of your placenta that provides your babies with so much love and turning it into something amazing to fuel your body!



Serving the Sunshine coast university hospital, Sunshine Coast University Hospital, Kawana Hospital,

Buderim Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.

Once the placenta has been picked up, it is transported back, where it is transformed into a capsule of pure nutrients!

Then.. it is delivered to your door step.

Easy! Convenient!


Mothers in arms is personal one on one service. Only encapsulating one placenta at a time until the first one has gone to its beloved home before even bring the next one into my work space! You will be treated with the highest respect and provided with personal service.

This does mean I can only taking limited bookings per month. This gives me time to sanitise, restock and personalize everyone's orders.


Mon - Friday 9am till 5pm

Sat-Sunday 9am till 3pm

orders take between 2- 3 days once collected.

Fast tracked orders will be worked on around the clock until completed.



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